Ewes Biological Cycle and Target Body Condition Scores

By Dr. Rodney Kott & Dr. Lisa Surber, Montana State University

Ewes Biological Cycle:

  • Breeding (Flushing-2 wks prior to turning out bucks and breeding-generally 2 estrous cycles or about 34 days)
  • Gestation/Pregnancy (138 to 159 days-147 day average)
    • Early (first 15 wks)
    • Late (last¬†6 wks)


  • Lactation
    • Early (first 6-8 wks; peak milk production is at 3 wks)
    • Late (last 4-6 wks; in most cases after 10 to 14 wks lactation ewes are for all practical purposes dry)