Sheep Community of Practice

Although sheep inventories have declined, the sheep industry is a still a substantial component of the US livestock industry. There is a need to connect current sheep research outcomes and the extension and industry communities.


The purpose of the Sheep CoP is to transfer knowledge regarding sheep production and products to producers, stakeholders, and consumers. The Sheep CoP covers a wide variety of topics of interest to the sheep, including (among others): Sheep Management Practices; Sheep Breeds; Sheep Purpose (wool versus meat versus dual-purpose); Markets; History; International Perspectives (how the industry differs in other countries); Showmanship; Wool; Meat Products (available products, how to prepare, etc.); Producer Profiles; Feed Efficiency; Genetic Selection; Prolificacy; Seasonality; Shearing; Feeding/Nutrition; Feedlot; Grazing/Pasture; Organic Sheep Production; Natural Sheep Production; Health; and Veterinary Care.